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Alzheimers Care in the San Francisco Bay Area: Safe and Independent

People of all ages feel strongly about being independent. Little toddlers want to do things “by myself” and teenagers can’t wait to drive on their own. As adults, we are proud to complete DIY (do-it-yourself) projects around the home. And, as Americans, this idea of freedom is even more pronounced. It’s no surprise, then, that seniors in the San Francisco Bay Area want to be independent as well. However, this can be more challenging if they have Alzheimers care needs. Thankfully, though, it can be possible for them to still live at home and enjoy their independence.

It’s true! Seniors in the San Francisco Bay Area can live at home AND receive Alzheimers care

NuevaCare’s team of professional caregivers can assist your senior with Alzheimers care needs and help him or her navigate the difficulties of the disease and living at home. However, your San Francisco Bay Area senior may fear that he or she will have to leave home at some point. Here are a few possible objections you might hear:

  • “I’m used to my home.” Your senior’s home is the place he or she has been familiar with for years. A new residence would be quite disorienting for your senior and he or she knows it. However, a NuevaCare caregiver can come into your loved one’s home and make it easier for him or her to stay there. Your San Francisco Bay Area senior with Alzheimers care needs will increasingly have trouble with memory retention, so being able to retain a connection with a familiar place will be very comforting for him or her.
  • “I wouldn’t want to live with lots of other people.” Moving to a nursing home would be difficult, especially if your senior is more introverted. Thankfully, an Azheimers care provider from NuevaCare can provide another solution. Your senior’s caregiver can come into the home to assist with meal preparation, light housekeeping or even companionship. This is ideal for an introvert, as it offers interaction with another human without being overwhelming.
  • “I don’t want to downsize.” It’s a good idea for seniors in general to work towards downsizing household possessions, but seniors who can live at home for as long as possible while slowly going through things will be happiest. Organizing various items in the home might even help to trigger memories for those with Alzheimers care needs!
  • “I don’t like change.” This is probably one of the biggest reasons for not wanting to leave home. After all, moving into a care facility signifies losing independence and losing control for an aging adult. Take time to reassure your senior that he or she doesn’t have to leave home yet and will be able to benefit from a caregiver’s assistance. You’ll probably have to remind him or her of this on a regular basis, so be patient and kind.

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Alzheimers Care in the San Francisco Bay Area: Safe and Independent
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