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Cancer care: Tough conversations for San Francisco Bay Area seniors

It’s the dreaded word no one wants to hear…cancer. What if your aging parent has just been diagnosed with cancer? How are you or your senior going to cope with it? There’s a lot of fear rightly associated with this disease. Thankfully, a lot of resources are available for you and your San Francisco Bay Area senior as you process through dealing with the diagnosis and possible cancer care options.

Talking about cancer care

Cancer is definitely physiological, but it also has powerful emotional ramifications as well. That’s probably because cancer can be associated with chemotherapy, loss of hair, declining health / well-being and, potentially, death. NuevaCare wants to respectfully help you and your San Francisco Bay Area senior openly discuss possible fears and assist your senior in cancer care throughout. It’s important to not gloss over or ignore these fears and it can be hard to talk about, especially with family members who don’t want to think about or see a loved one facing cancer. If your loved one just needs a shoulder to cry on and someone to play some board games with, a compassionate NuevaCare caregiver can offer your senior some much-needed companionship. Other cancer care solutions include transportation assistance to get your senior to and from the multitude of doctor’s appointments that will ensue.

Home offers a comforting environment, especially for someone suffering from a painful experience. It makes sense to allow your aging parent to stay at home for as long as possible while dealing with cancer. There are difficulties, of course, with in home cancer care and adjustments that probably will need to be made. That’s understandable. But, with help, your San Francisco Bay Area senior can face cancer with dignity. Here are some other ways NuevaCare may be able to help your senior.

  • Meal Preparation – This is particularly helpful if your senior is dealing with vomiting due to chemotherapy and has a hard time keeping food down
  • Bathing / Grooming Assistance – If your senior has lost her hair, she may be encouraged by a mini-makeover, assistance in choosing a wig or some other way to help her feel as beautiful as she is
  • Medication Reminders – Very important for proper cancer care

Don’t suffer alone. Talk it over and get the help you and your San Francisco Bay Area senior need today!

Cancer care: Tough conversations for San Francisco Bay Area seniors
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