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Scheduling flexible caregiver help in the San Francisco Bay Area

They say that “time is money.” And it’s true. When you spend time on something, you show that you care about it (or that you’re willing to give some time to earn money)! For San Francisco Bay Area seniors, the gift of time is especially valuable. And caregiver assistance can make the world of difference in brightening the day of your loved ones.

Working WITH you: San Francisco Bay Area caregiver assistance

Scheduling flexible caregiver help in the San Francisco Bay Area

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As we age, we become more dependent on others for assistance with “normal” daily tasks like climbing stairs, preparing meals or getting bathed and dressed in the morning. These routines are important, but just because your senior needs extra help doesn’t mean that he or she needs to immediately move into a care facility. You might think that a nursing home is the best option, but take some time to talk to a San Francisco Bay Area NuevaCare professional and you might be surprised at the available options.

Caregiver assistance can truly make life better and safer for your senior. Caregivers help seniors enjoy the freedom and benefits of living at home, while giving them the supplemental help that they need to have a good quality of life. NuevaCare’s team offer flexible options and can tailor caregiver visits so that your senior’s needs are met…both in duties performed and in length of visit. An aide can come multiple days of the week or just once a week and help with anything from transportation to the store and doctor’s office to light housekeeping and more. Think about the specific needs your senior has and have a heart-to-heart conversation with your loved one about what he or she can and can’t do alone. Yes, it may be hard for your Mom or Dad to admit that they need help, but it’s better to get help than to risk a hospital visit from a fall down the stairs or in the bathtub. Sometimes it can be helpful to have a caregiver simply because it gives an impartial “third voice” in the discussion.

Anyway, as the holidays draw near, take careful note of your loved one’s habits around the home. If there are specific things that are becoming more difficult for him or her to accomplish, it might be time to consider bringing in a San Francisco Bay Area caregiver.

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Scheduling flexible caregiver help in the San Francisco Bay Area
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