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Our Caregiver of the Month, Mele M.

DSC_1799When we met Mele for the first time we knew we had a winner. She started working for NuevaCare with over 17 years of experience and she had done it all from meal prep to hoyer lift and transfers. Combining her wonderful personality and her level of experience we decided to assign her to one of our clients who had just come home after a long stay at a facility. It was a big step for our client and her family to transition home after being away for a while. They had many questions about how she would go home to a safe and pleasant environment. The answers to many of their questions was Mele. Here is what our client’s daughter had to sya about Mele:

“I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how happy I am with the services of Mele as a caregiver for my Mom. She is patient and understanding, caring and loving in all she does.  She is very compassionate and thoughtful helping my Mom throughout the day.  The things she does to make sure that my mother is comfortable and safe are truly appreciated.   Her ability to understand the occasional anger and temper tantrums without taking them personally is just one of her greatest assets.  Her sense of humor is something the whole family loves about her too. I am proud and thankful knowing that Mele is there for my mother.  Mele has been a God Send.”

Caregiving is one of the most unsung roles in our society and those who excel at it are very special people. We at NuevaCare want to thank Mele for being such a great caregiver.

All people are affected by caregiving in some way or another during their lifetime. And the vast majority of people will at some point require the generosity of a caregiver. All of us will rely on a caregiver at some point in our lives, and most of us more than once. Just as a stone thrown into a still pond creates ripples that go wide across a pond, so too does caregiving for an individual have wide ramifications for society as a whole. Those who care for others, day in and day out, are building up everyone through their acts of everyday compassion.

Our Caregiver of the Month, Mele M.
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