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Life isn’t about just breathing for any of us, there’s so much more to it. A big part of that something more are the social needs that we all share. NuevaCare home care agency of San Francisco places a big emphasis on companionship services that we offer to our clients all over the city of San Francisco.

Recent research shows us that there’s an amazing link between social and emotional health and long life. In fact, four out of five physicians say that not meeting the social needs of individuals has a directly negative impact on health. Providing companionship and human connection are just as important as addressing medical conditions.

Of course there’s not a prescription medication that can remedy issues of loneliness and isolation, but there is most certainly a cure. That cure is companionship.

Living independently versus living alone in San Francisco

Companion Caregiver in San FranciscoAs the hustle and bustle of life slow down, seniors often find themselves living alone and with fewer social connections. That may be hard to imagine for someone in their peak earning years – especially in the busy, technology-oriented communities of the Bay Area like San Francisco and Daly City but for seniors this can be very true. This can be especially true if they live independently, as there simply aren’t people around to interact with. We know that staying independent is an important part of staying healthy as we age, but balancing that independence with isolation is the challenge.

Living independently doesn’t have to mean living alone. Though circumstances such as limited ability to travel, family and friends moving away, inability to drive, etc. can make it more challenging for seniors and those with disabilities to maintain connections, there is plenty that family members can to do to combat isolation. We have many clients who live out of state but whose parents remain in San Francisco in older neighborhoods in the city and rely on our caregivers for support. This means that we can help provide a sense of community to SF seniors whose children no longer live in Northern California.

Home care can fill the social gap that so often comes with independent living. In home companion care allows a trained home caregiver to monitor the safety of situations, to promote health and wellness, and to complete those everyday household tasks that are so important. Elder care companions provide the social interaction that your loved one needs through planning social outings, offering encouragement,and engaging in supportive conversation.

What NuevaCare’s companionship services do for San Franciscans

There’s such a wide variety companionship services that the professional caregivers at NuevaCare can provide. Here’s just a sample.

  • Supportive conversation

In home companions can listen to seniors as they reminisce about happy memories, validating their experiences and taking joy in the life that they’ve led.

Social activities are a core aspect of meeting the emotional needs of everyone.  Planning visits to local venues, going shopping, participating in community activities, or taking classes can all be facilitated by NuevaCare’s companionship services.

  • Encouraging physical activity

Physical activity and social motivation very much go hand in hand. Seniors can greatly benefit from social encouragement that supports light exercise and physical fitness. It’s much easier to go on a walk with a companion that by yourself.

  • Engaging in active thinking

Staying mentally active is a powerful way to ward off many of the issues with mental decline that seniors suffer from. NuevaCare’s companionship services can help seniors to structure hobbies, to play games, to participate in enlightening activities and more.

The companionship services from NuevaCare are an integral part of providing a safe and stimulating environment for your loved one to stay active and socially engaged, even if they live alone. The benefits are tremendous, both for physical and mental health.

To learn more about how NuevaCare can support your loved one with experienced care providers and companionship support, simply give us a call at 415-494-8175, chat live with one of our representatives right now, or submit the form to the right. A highly trained professional from our office will contact you immediately to discuss your specific needs and to set up an free in home assessment. Although our offices are in San Francisco, we can help with care on whereever you live in the “City by the Bay”

San Francisco Factoid

Pacific Heights was little more than sandy hills with beautiful views of the Golden Gate, Alcatraz and Marin until cable car lines connected the area to downtown in the 1870’s — first on Clay then California with a Washington Street line added in 1887. Many built extravagant dwellings here rivaling those on nearby Nob Hill. Rescued from destruction in the 1906 earthquake and fire by the sacrifice of many stately homes on Van Ness Avenue, Pacific Heights today is an architectural museum of 19th century Victorian mansions. Source: http://www.inetours.com/Pages/SFNbrhds/Pacific_Heights.html.

Updated: 6/20/2017


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