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Diabetes care during the Halloween season in the San Francisco Bay Area

“Trick or treat!” It’s that time of year again…when kids get all excited about what they’re going to “be” for Halloween and parents go all out sewing or buying them costumes. And it’s a time filled with yummy eatables like candy and other highly-sugared snacks. For San Francisco Bay Area seniors receiving diabetes care (and those of all ages who suffer from diabetes), this can be a frustrating problem.

Avoiding sugar on Halloween: Diabetes care difficulties in the San Francisco Bay Area

Diabetes care during the Halloween season in the San Francisco Bay Area

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Halloween can be fun, but diabetes makes celebrating the holiday more difficult. It’s not impossible, though! Seniors with diabetes care needs and other dietary restrictions can make a difference in helping the San Francisco Bay Area community bring awareness to the need for healthy “treats” for neighborhood kids. Your senior can also enlist the help of his or her NuevaCare caregiver to grocery shop for snacks that are diabetes-friendly. These snacks should be small enough to fit into a kid’s treat bucket. Also, since parents might question homemade food, it’s a good idea to select food items that are prepackaged. Some ideas include Werther’s Sugar Free candy, Twizzlers, apples or small packages of nuts. If your senior really wants homemade treats, a NuevaCare caregiver can assist in preparing some healthy snacks.

Of course, if your senior wants to get involved in other Halloween festivities, you could bring the grandkids over to decorate Grandma or Grandpa’s house and then sit down all together to watch a fun classic like “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”

Other ideas include having a craft / sewing party with your San Francisco Bay Area senior and working on the kids’ costumes together. The activity will be a fun memory for your loved one and will be great bonding time. If you don’t have time, your senior’s diabetes care aide can sit with your senior and work with him or her on the crafting project.

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Diabetes care during the Halloween season in the San Francisco Bay Area
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