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Disability care & considerations for San Francisco Bay Area seniors

Your San Francisco Bay Area senior is a valued member of society. Living with a disability can add extra challenges to life and, as your loved one grows older, the complications will likely become even greater. NuevaCare’s disability care aides are glad to support you in caring for your senior.

Interacting with seniors receiving disability care

Disability Care for San Francisco Bay Area Seniors

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Below are several good ideas to keep in mind when interacting with your San Francisco Bay Area senior. It’s important to treat him or her with courtesy and the utmost respect.

  • Wheelchair – When interacting with someone using a wheelchair, make sure that he or she wants your help before assuming that help is needed. Some people who use wheelchairs are very agile with tremendous upper body strength. If you’re hosting a party, consider beforehand if you live in an area that could be difficult for wheelchair access. Don’t make your senior feel like an afterthought. When visiting your loved one, don’t stand over him or her…make an effort to talk at eye level.
  • Hard of Hearing – If your senior receiving disability care has hearing issues, make sure that he or she has excellent hearing aids and has fresh batteries / gets them adjusted regularly. Don’t overwhelm seniors with auditory stimulation…some restaurants and social gatherings are simply too noisy for effective communication. Instead, opt for visiting your senior at home or taking him or her out to the park or to carefully-selected events, like the symphony or chamber orchestra (where hearing words isn’t a big deal).
  • Learning, Visual or other Disabilities – Some seniors have had to deal with a disability for their entire lives. However, he or she doesn’t want to be pitied. Disability care for your loved one can help your senior feel independent while still receiving assistance with meal preparation, doctor visits, general housekeeping, bathing / sanitation and other non-medical tasks as needed. NuevaCare’s caregivers also can encourage and provide companionship to keep your senior positive and moving forward.

No matter the cause, NuevaCare wants to help your San Francisco Bay Area senior with his or her disability care needs. Contact us so we can start serving you!

Disability care & considerations for San Francisco Bay Area seniors
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