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Meet Aggie; Our Caregiver of the Month

IMG_0013.JPGAgnes, better known as Aggie, has 7 years of experience and she joined our incredible team of caregivers in April of 2014. What’s great about Aggie is that when we assign her to a new client we rarely hear from either Aggie or the client. She simply knows what to do and she is smart enough to handle the toughest situations. She is an honest and diligent young woman and is very passionate about her work as a caregiver. Aggie is very sweet and has a special caring attitude towards seniors. Everyone agrees that she’s a kind-hearted person with the best intentions. She displays her immense care by providing our patients with a reason to live each day. She has profound skills completing all her tasks efficiently and at times even sacrifices her free time to go the extra mile to get things done that were not part of her duty.

We are very lucky to have her on our team and we look forward to continue working with her to take care of our clients who entirely depend on our care.

Meet Aggie; Our Caregiver of the Month
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