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Explore In Home Care Options in San Mateo

Striving to be one of the best San Mateo Home Care providers, NuevaCare serves all of the communities of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to give families the support that they need to facilitate the kind of life that seniors deserve, working with families who are facing a range of conditions from Alzheimer’s disease to mobility issues to cancer care and disabilities.

An interesting point about families searching for care options is that we often find that they start off looking for home health care, which involves the care of a registered nurse, only to discover that the services of the professional caregivers of NuevaCare are all that they need. Though we do not provide medical in-home services, our caregivers do offer a wide variety of supports that can help individuals to stay happy and healthy at home. A consultation with us can illuminate which type of care you and your family need.

  • NuevaCare is here to help families in San Mateo. Use this page to explore our service offerings for San Mateo & environs.

To help seniors stay in their homes, we at NuevaCare work with families to create a custom care plan thatSan Mateo In-home Care & Caregiver Options provides all of the supports that they need. It’s important for social and emotional health that seniors stay in their homes, surrounded by that familiar environment and confident in themselves.

The matching process is the key to our success with San Mateo families. We have found that the best way to ensure a good fit is to have each family meet with their carefully matched caregiver prior to the start of service to ensure a good fit. Families all over the San Francisco Bay Area, including right here in San Mateo, have found our services to be second to none, being affordable and also highly professional.

We’ve been providing home care services in and around San Mateo for years, with a proven track record of giving all kinds of families the support that they need. We know the San Mateo area and appreciate the wonderful community that it is. At NuevaCare, we know about the incredibly wide range of things that there are to do in and around this area for seniors and individuals. This page exists to help families learn more about what kinds of things are available in the area for them to do, and offers some ideas about how NuevaCare can help those families to enjoy life here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Here are some example services that we may provide for clients in San Mateo, with some helpful ideas for what’s great to do in the local area.

San Mateo In-home Care Services

  • Assistance with the Activities of Daily Living
  • 24/7 Live-In Care or Hourly Care
  • Personal Care: including bathing, dressing, toileting, etc.
  • Medication Reminders
  • Meal Preparation / Nutrition
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Companionship
  • Cancer care
  • Memory care for patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia or stroke
  • In-home respite services
  • Assistance with errands including doctor’s appointments

The best thing about San Mateo is the people, but there are also lots of amazing things to do in the area to bring those people together. With so many out-of-home activities to do like libraries and farmer’s markets, there’s never a shortage of opportunities for outings for those with limited mobility and access. An in-home caregiver might assist a senior in an outing to the Sugarloaf Nature Area, or on a shopping trip to El Camino Real near the downtown. A young person with disabilities might enjoy an excursion to Filoli Gardens or down to the Hiller Aviation Museum to marvel at the airplanes.

The South San Francisco Area, from Daly City to Belmont and especially in San Mateo, has a great resource for family caregivers in NuevaCare. We’re here to help you to do more and to support your loved one in their efforts to be healthier and happier. Reach out to us for a consultation on your care options today. You can call us at 415-494-8175 or use the chat box on the right to connect with an expert immediately.

Historical Facts: San Mateo, California

In 1776, Spanish explorers came to today’s San Mateo. During a scouting trip to locate a place to start a colony on the Peninsula, Lieutenant Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza, Padre Pedro Font, Lieutenant Jose Joaquin Moraga, and eleven soldiers set up camp in San Mateo. Father Font named the creek that they slept by “San Mateo Creek.” In 1793, the mission fathers in San Francisco created an outpost of the mission on the Peninsula. The outpost was at San Mateo Creek and was established to bring the Church to the Peninsula, to organize and oversee the newly converted Christians in livestock herding, and to provide food for the Mission. The outpost was the first building built in San Mateo by non-natives. In 1822, California received word of Mexico’s independence from Spanish rule. This would bring changes to San Mateo with the missions becoming secularized and the opening of free trade. The Mexican Land Grants (1835) would leave a few residents owning vast expansions of land in the area. In fact, these ranches were so large that what is now the City of San Mateo is comprised of portions of two of them-Rancho San Mateo and Rancho de las Pulgas.


Explore In Home Care Options in San Mateo
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