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Senior care and the value of Pets in the San Francisco Bay Area

Dogs are known to be “man’s best friend.” And really, it’s true. Pets give unconditional love in a way that’s healing to the heart, mind and body. But animals are a lot of care and, for seniors, this can be especially difficult. NuevaCare can offset the daily responsibilities your San Francisco Bay Area loved one has by providing senior care services such as grocery shopping, transportation and more.

Pets provide emotional support for senior care adults

Senior care and the value of Pets in the San Francisco Bay Area

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For the elderly, a dog or a cat can be tricky business. There’s the daily feeding, the grooming, the necessary exercise and, of course, making sure that the pet has a clean litter box or is able to do its business outdoors regularly. That’s a lot of work! If your San Francisco Bay Area loved one has mobility issues or memory loss (such as Alzheimer’s or dementia), it may become too difficult for him or her to properly care for a pet. After all, your senior would benefit from assistance for his or her own personal meal preparation and grooming. It’s a good idea for family members to have a thorough discussion with elderly parent(s) about pets and whether or not the responsibilities of a dog or cat would be too much to handle. One possible option would be to have your senior give his or her pet to one of the kids or grandkids and then bring the pet by your senior’s home occasionally for emotional encouragement. Or, programs for pet visitation may be an option in the San Francisco Bay Area. Talk to the caregiver providing senior care to your loved one and see what is available.

However, if your aging parent is still relatively active and needs less intensive senior care assistance, a pet could be just the ticket needed. NuevaCare aides can prepare healthy meals for your senior and run errands (pick up medications at the pharmacy, get groceries, take clothes to the dry cleaners etc) to ease the amount of tasks your senior needs to do. If your senior and his or her dog need an outing at the park, a senior care aide can drive everyone to a local San Francisco Bay Area park for an adventure that won’t soon be forgotten!

Senior care and the value of Pets in the San Francisco Bay Area
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