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Cancer care in the San Francisco Bay Area: Helping seniors handle stress

The song goes, “Christmas time is here / happiness and cheer…”1 Yes, the holiday season is a lot of fun. But with family get-togethers and lots of presents to buy, it can be very stressful too. And, if your San Francisco Bay Area senior is facing chemotherapy and receiving cancer care assistance, Christmas may not be a time filled with “happiness and cheer” for your family.

Tips for managing stress in San Francisco Bay Area seniors receiving cancer care

Cancer care in the San Francisco Bay Area: Helping seniors handle stress

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San Francisco Bay Area seniors dealing with cancer have good reason to be stressed. Cancer is one of those dreaded topics no one wants to think or talk about, especially in relation to a loved one. And if your senior has cancer, it can be downright scary. Thankfully, cancer care providers like NuevaCare can help offset the stress of handling cancer and the holidays with compassionate care assistance for your senior. Here’s some ways a caregiver can help minimize stress in your senior.

  • Play calming music – Music can do wonders to calm an anxious heart. A cancer care provider can talk to your San Francisco Bay Area senior about his or her favorite music and assist in getting your senior set up to listen to some tunes during the day. Or, a caregiver can select some calming songs to help your senior get to sleep at night.
  • Keep to a normal routine – The holidays offer new activities and interactions with family that don’t happen during the rest of the year. It’s easy to want your senior receiving cancer care to adopt a new schedule while family is around. However, it’s best for your senior’s overall health to keep to a normal waking / eating / sleeping routine as much as possible.
  • Make sure medications are taken – Don’t forget that your senior needs to take his or her medications! A San Francisco Bay Area caregiver can help provide medication reminder assistance if needed.
  • Warn family before gatherings – If the topic of cancer is too sensitive for your senior to discuss, you may want to warn family members before the holidays to avoid bringing it up while everyone is together. If your aging parent has lost his or her hair or has other physical changes due to chemotherapy, it wouldn’t hurt to warn family of this as well. Do as much as you can to make sure your senior feels beautiful and fits in with the family as a whole.
  • Exercise – Make sure your loved one gets lots of good exercise to help reduce stress. Maybe the entire family can take a walk together!
  • Eat well – Eat healthy meals and make sure your senior eats foods that will be nutritional and beneficial for someone receiving cancer care.

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Cancer care in the San Francisco Bay Area: Helping seniors handle stress
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